Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Pristine Auction Community,

You may have heard about the Executive Order signed yesterday by Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey. The Order builds on many of the current measures already in place regarding COVID-19. There are also a lot of questions about what exactly this means for Pristine Auction. There is perception of all non-essential business are to be closed, but to be clear, the specifics of the Executive Order allow us to continue our e-commerce business as we have been over the last few weeks under section 12 of the Executive Order. Simply put, we are safely and responsibly staying open.

Given that our business impacts so many other small businesses including consigners, we felt we have a responsibility to keep the American economy strong and our team intact while taking all steps possible to keep everyone safe.

The Pristine team is made up of people I care about deeply, including my own family and the safety of our team is of the utmost importance to me. So, here are the safety measures we are continuing to execute:

  • Following CDC guidelines to reduce exposure to contaminants that are airborne or on work surfaces, e.g., social distancing, staying home when ill, gloves, recommendation of frequent hand washing and additional hygiene guidelines.
  • Eliminated pick up and drop offs. The only drop-offs accepted are from our receiving, shipping and supplier carriers.
  • Telecommuting has been provided to approximately 20% of the workforce.
  • Implemented split shifts to reduce the number of employees at one time in the building.
  • Providing outside professional cleaning service; the focus is cleaning common work areas.
  • Interior doors remaining open around the clock allowing for more air circulation and touches.
  • Asking employees to clean personal work surfaces minimum daily.

These are uncharted waters, so we are going to do our very best to navigate this dynamic situation. We will provide weekly updates and continue to make adjustments as we learn new information. We are grateful for your patience as we face new challenges as a business and work hard to process all orders and answer all inquiries as fast as possible.

I also want to thank you for being part of the Pristine Auction Community. We are privileged to have so many great people part of our community.

Jared Kavlie
CEO and Owner