Premium 80 Golf Ball Cabinet Style Wall Mount Display Case with Black Wood Frame

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This is a designed Cabinet Style Display Case. This 80 golf ball case has 8 shelves that hold 10 golf balls each. Unlike most cabinet style cases that are made like a shadow box, this display case is designed with all clear glass to prevent the shadow from casting on your items. This is the anti-shadow shadowbox. Natural room light will be enough to illuminate your items. Other companies will try to sell you additional light kits that are necessary to lighting the inside of their display.  

This cabinet display case is made of real wood moulding and real UV Protected glass. It is designed with a suede backing and individually assembled shelves. The door hinges open and closes to a magnetic catch. Hangers on the back make it easy to attach to the wall.

Dimensions: 24" x 26"

*** Please note, the case shown is the same style but is smaller than the one being offered here. The case shown holds just 49 golf balls while this case holds 80. The frame on this piece will be black (not cherry as shown).

Golf balls are not included