1957 Star Note $1 One-Dollar Blue Seal Silver Certificate

Star Note

  • Lot number 1006490
  • Total bids 17
  • Winning bid $20.48
  • Buyer's premium $3.28
  • Total $23.76

Series 1957 Star Note Silver Certificate. Please see photos for details.

Star Notes are bank notes with an asterisk, or star after or before the serial number. In the US the Bureau of Engraving and Printing inspects currency for printing errors before releasing the notes into circulation. When notes that have been printed incorrectly have been discovered the misprinted "errors notes" are destroyed and replaced with star notes to ensure that no two bills within a certain series have the same serial number. They are used to maintain a correct count of notes in a serial number run. Star notes are more scarce than notes with a normal serial number and as such are widely collected by numismatists.

Silver certificates were issued between 1878 and 1964 in the United States as part of its circulation of paper currency. They were produced in response to silver agitation by citizens who were angered by the Fourth Coinage Act, which had effectively placed the United States on a gold standard. The certificates were initially redeemable for their face value of silver dollar coins and later in raw silver bullion. Since 1968 they have been redeemable only in Federal Reserve Notes and are thus obsolete, but still valid legal tender.

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