2022 Panini Flawless Football Hobby 2-Box Case (Factory Sealed)

Factory Sealed Case with (2) Boxes

  • Lot number 8124731
  • Total bids 21
  • Winning bid $7,875.00
  • Buyer's premium $1,338.75
  • Total $9,213.75

2 boxes per case, 10 premium cards per box. Factory sealed.

Every Box contains Six On-Card Autographs, One or Two Gems & Two or Three Memorabilia cards!

All cards in Flawless are #'d /25 or less and all autographs are on-card or cut autographs.

Look for 6 on-card autographs, 1 or 2 Gem cards and 2 or 3 Memorabilia cards per box!

Find new on-card autographed sets with Flawless Frame Signatures, Rookie Frame Signatures and Champions 2x, 3x and 4x Signatures! Also, be on the lookout for all-new 1-of-1 Black Diamond parallel!

Hunt for on-card Rookie Patch Autographs from all the top rookies including Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Chris Olave, Christian Watson and many more!

Search for the on-card booklet autographs with Rookie Booklets, Veteran Booklets, Signature Gems, Flawless Duals, Quad NFL Shield Autographs, Super Bowl Gems and Red, White and Blue Autographs!


BASE: Be on the lookout for some of the greatest stars that the NFL has to offer, where each card is embedded with a gemstone and is numbered to /20 or less!

- Base Ruby #'d /20

- Base Sapphire #'d /15

- Base Diamond #'d /10

- Base Emerald #'d /5

- Base Platinum #'d 1-of-1

- Base Black Diamond #'d 1-of-1

ROOKIE GEM SIGNATURES: Find on-card rookie autographs with gems embedded in every card. Look for all the best rookies including Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Chris Olave, Christian Watson and many more!

- Rookie Gems Signatures max #'d /20

- Rookie Gems Signatures Sapphire max #'d /15

- Rookie Gems Signatures Diamond max #'d /10

- Rookie Gems Signatures Emerald max #'d /5

- Rookie Gems Signatures Platinum #'d 1-of-1

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: A staple in the industry, be on the look out for Rookie Patch Autographs, a cardset that features many parallels that are numbered to a max of /25 or less!

- Rookie Patch Autographs max #'d /25

- Rookie Patch Autographs Silver max #'d /20

- Rookie Patch Autographs Ruby max #'d /15

- Rookie Patch Autographs Sapphire max #'d /10

- Rookie Patch Autographs Emerald max #'d /5

- Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum #'d 1-of-1

DUAL PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Chase Dual Patch Autographs from some of the biggest names the game has to offer! An on-card auto set that features, not only one, but two jersey swatches!

- Dual Patch Autographs max #'d /25

- Dual Patch Autographs Silver max #'d /20

- Dual Patch Autographs Ruby max #'d /15

- Dual Patch Autographs Sapphire max #'d /10

- Dual Patch Autographs Emerald max #'d /5

- Dual Patch Autographs Platinum #'d 1-of-1

FLAWLESS FRAME SIGNATURES: Be on the lookout for Flawless Frame Signatures, a cardset that features colorful action photography paired with a sleek on-card autograph! Also be on the lookout for the rookie version in Rookie Frame Signatures!

- Flawless Frame Signatures max #'d /25

- Flawless Frame Signatures Silver max #'d /20

- Flawless Frame Signatures Ruby max #'d /15

- Flawless Frame Signatures Sapphire max #'d /10

- Flawless Frame Signatures Emerald max #'d /5

- Flawless Frame Signatures Platinum 1-of-1

RED, WHITE AND BLUE BOOKLET AUTOGRAPHS: Hunt for Red, White and Blue Booklets featuring on-card autographs from some of the most prolific players in a dazzling Red, White and Blue designed-booklet!

CHAMPIONS 4X SIGNATURES: Celebrate the greats that were able to rack up multiple Super Bowl wins in Champions 2x, 3x and 4x signatures!

- Champions 4x Signatures max #'d /25

- Champions 4x Signatures Silver max #'d /20

- Champions 4x Signatures Ruby max #'d /15

- Champions 4x Signatures Sapphire max #'d /10

- Champions 4x Signatures Emerald max #'d /5

- Champions 4x Signatures Platinum #'d 1-of-1

FLAWLESS DUAL AUTOGRAPHS: Hunt for Flawless Dual Autographs, featuring on-card autographs from some of the greatest duos, past and present!

- Flawless Dual Autographs max #'d /25

- Flawless Dual Autographs Silver max #'d /20

- Flawless Dual Autographs Ruby max #'d /15

- Flawless Dual Autographs Sapphire max #'d /10

- Flawless Dual Autgprahs Emerald max #'d /5

- Flawless Dual Autographs Platinum #'d 1-of-1

GREATS: Chase the Greats in this on-card autograph set that features signatures from some of the greatest stars to ever play the game!

- Greats max #'d /25

- Greats Silver max #'d /20

- Greats Ruby max #'d /15

- Greats Sapphire max #'d /10

- Greats Emerald max #'d /5

- Greats Platinum #'d 1-of-1

Due to the uniqueness of each item, please refer to the photos provided in this auction. We offer high resolution images of each item rather than a written description of condition.

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